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Oil Change Near Me San Jose – Top Reviews

This is my favorite place to get an oil change. They do a full service inspection of your car and I always leave feeling like I received 5 star service. When you pull up they offer you a beverage and you never have to leave your car. They don’t pressure you and just provide you quick updates on what is recommended and check if you’d like that item serviced. They encourage you to not feel pressured to get recommendations done if it is not something you’d like to do. I now travel a little over 20 minutes just to go here, since they are fantastic!

Krystle K.Oil Stop Customer, Oil ChangeSanta Clara, CA

Fast, quality oil change with excellent service 🙂

Meggyn WatkinsOilstop Customer, Oil ChangeSan Jose, CA

Just swung by to have my oil changed, and the whole team over at the San Jose Oil Stop was nothing but professional and courteous. There’s no comparison between Oil Stops and Jiffy Lubes in general, but the San Jose Oil Stop was awesome. I’ve visited other Oil Stops in Southern California before, and this one is head and shoulder above that. Can’t recommend this location enough. Go there, your car will thank you, and you’ll leave suprisingly satisfied as well. Who knew a Oil Service could be so enjoyable? Big thanks go out to the team that helped me out: James, John, Richard and Chris. Thanks!

Thomas RuschkeOilstop Customer, Oil ChangeSan Jose, CA

Great staff, don’t think of all the suggestions as ups sells but rather optional preventive maintenance and you’ll be good.

Tony AbboudOilstop Customer, Oil ChangeSan Jose, CA

Quick, professional, pleasant. Always good to see the same guys year after year with the same quality year after year.

Chuck LarsonOilstop Customer, Oil ChangeSan Jose, CA

I have never written a review before in all the places ive ever been to. This place was awesome! The entire staff was great and kind. Never have I gotten my oil change and anyone explain to me what they were doing. Over all one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. These guys do an amazing job.

Aaron ArtiagaOilstop Customer, Oil ChangeSan Jose, CA

The Team knows how to take care of the car. I have trusted them for two years for my two cars. Excellent service, friendly crew.

Alex MarianoOilstop Customer, Oil ChangeSan Jose, CA