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Oil Stop Drive Thru Oil Change Petaluma Specials!

Oil system Cleaner – Because a clean oil deserves a fresh start. Oil system cleaner is an exclusive package of additives, formulated to safely remove harmful deposits from inside your engine.  It is non-chlorinated and does not contain kerosene, but uses butyl, a gentle cleaning agent . We recommend this every 9,000 miles or if it has been over 4,500 miles since the last oil change. Or if it has never been done before.  It benefits, removes varnish and sludge, helps free sticky valves and rings, improves oil circulation, and results in a cooler running engine.

Auto transmission service – Because over time the fluid becomes contaminated and the additives break down. So it is very important to change your transmission fluid. Here at OIL STOP we recommend a drain and fill at 15,000 miles or at your manufacture’s time interval, whichever comes first. The benefits are that is reduces wear on moving parts, and minimizes the risk of premature failure to significantly extend the life of your transmission.

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