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The staff is always friendly and attentive. They are so service oriented that it feels like the level of service of a four or five star hotel, at an oil change facility. I know that sounds odd, but that has been my experience every single time I have been here. I completely trust the quality of service at this Oil Stop. One of my favorite things, which is unique, is the free beverage while you wait comfortably in your own car. Thank you, OilStop!

Michael RifenburgOilstop Customer, Oil ChangeCamarillo, CA

Quick and easy for wipers replaced in the rain.

Joshua V. Oilstop Customer, Wiper Blade ReplacementCamarillo, CA

All the attention was a little over whelming at first, but the was no pressure and nothing but smiles. I’ll definitely go back.

Larry GreenOilstop Customer, Oil ChangeCamarillo, CA