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About Oil Stop Drive Thru Oil Change Camarillo!

The Oilstop Drive Thru Oil Change in Camarillo has been striving for excellent service since the day we opened.  Since 0ur very first day we have been committed to serve people with excellence, humbly with a servants heart.

Come visit us and you will experience our value and see that we are friendly, knowledgeable, professional and extremely fast.

Our level of excellence and integrity is really what separates us from many of our competitors, along with our great products and well trained associates.

Each of our associates are immersed into our culture of excellence by watching training videos and taking quizzes to make sure they understand our standards. Afterwards they are placed into role play scenarios to make sure they apply our level of excellence. Once that is completed, they work one-on-one with a manager or team trainer until they are completely capable of performing our standard of excellence with every customer we serve. If you are interested in joining our team, apply here.

Come experience the difference at Oilstop!