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About Oil Stop Drive Thru Oil Change Ashland!

Oilstop Inc. in Ashland opened in May of 2002.

“We serve people with excellence, humbly, and a servant’s heart”

We’re are fast, knowledgeable, and friendly. We smile. We offer free beverages. We’re entertaining.
Our guests get to wait in the comfort of their own vehicle.

We provide a thorough service with honesty and transparency. We pride ourselves at serving our guests.

Our will experience a quick and friendly service with a smile. We deliver superior dealership quality services
and products plus the convenience, lower cost, and time-savings of a drive-thru service.

Our Ashland manager, Jacob Hineline has been with Oilstop Inc for 7yrs.

Employees are required to complete an Oilstop certification test with a passing score of 95% in addition
to video quizzes and one-on-one training. We also provide a great leadership training program to all of our staff.

We proudly offer a free car-wash with every oil change.